Lawn Treatment Programs

The programs we offer are 6-9 scheduled visits per year, depending on grass type & condition. This includes weed control, fertilization, and pH adjustment. Our philosophy is to provide lawns with  proper nutrition. Feeding your turf regularly based on grass type and soil test results provides a foundation for your lawn to look its best.

Shrub Treatment Programs

Part of living in the south is dealing with the handful of insects that can reak havoc on your landscape. This is why we offer our shrub treatment program. It includes 6 visits per year (fertilization, dormant oil, and disease & insect control). The slow-release fertilizer applied at the right times keeps landscape plants healthy and also helps to prevent insect & disease problems. The dormant oil protects shrubs from over-wintering insects. We also apply insect & disease control applications at carefully timed intervals during the growing season.

Bed/natural area weed control

This program is 3 visits per year. Weeds that grow in and around landscaped areas can get out of hand quickly. Pre and post emergent treatments will ensure your landscape has a clean look.


Soil Testing

Our number one, go-to resource is soil testing. We view this as a resource because it really is the most important first step for any of our programs. The soil test results give us an inside look into what's really going on with your landscape. From those results, we are able to formulate a treatment plan that is exactly what your lawn and/or shrubs need.

But wait, there's more...

Here's a quick list of the other landscape management services we offer:

  • Fungicide & disease control applications
  • Mosquito, flea & tick control
  • Fire ant control
  • Tree Care
  • Grub Control

Want to Learn More?

Give us a call, send us a text or an email. We'd love to come meet with you, look at your lawn & provide an estimate for our services!